Economic Profile

Emerald Isle, N.C., is a productive sea-side community with 91 percent of its population currently employed. Of these, around 75 percent commute to their workplace with an average travel time of about 25 minutes. The main professions are held in management, professional and sales jobs while the leading industries of the area are education, health and social services. Notably close behind are retail trade and the finance, insurance and real estate realm. In 2013 the median household income was about $53,000, and the estimated median house value was about $371,776. 


Emerald Isle - the name is self explanatory. Crystalline waters of deep blues and clear greens lace the shores of this southern coastal town, making it an ideal reprieve for those seeking a serene setting where they can kick back and relax. April till about August and September are the peak vacationing months for the area, and during that time many tourists flock to the area. This creates a healthy increase in earnings for all local businesses, most notably the service industry, making many positions within it available. Seasonal jobs are popular and abundant due to this trend.

Real Estate

Tying in with the popular tourism industry is the thriving real estate business of the area. Not only is Emerald Isle a popular destination for out of state tourists, but it's also a place for the in-landers of North Carolina to call their coastal retreat. In fact, about 68 percent of all housing units on the island are reserved for seasonal and recreational purposes. There are many real estate companies and agencies in the area, specializing in sales, renting and leasing. The possibilities for advancement and success in the industry are high, and positions within it more are readily available then in other fields. 

Industry and Trade

Emerald Isle is an area prospering with many different trades. While tourism and real estate tend to be the most lucrative, there are many other profitable areas as well. Below is an ordered list of the most popular industries in the vicinity: 

1. Retail trade

2. Construction

3.  Public Administration

4. Educational, health and social services

5. Finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing

6. Professional, scientific, management, administrative and waste management services

7. Accommodation and food services 

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