Lodging in Emerald Isle, NC

Emerald Isle

Whether you want to stay a night, a weekend or a week, Emerald Isle, NC, offers a nice variety of accommodations options. From simple seaside motels to a bed-and-breakfast inn to timeshare condominiums to oceanfront vacation rentals, this area has what you need for your stay by the sea.
The cost of your accommodations will depend on your proximity to the ocean, and our price code will help ensure that you stay on budget when staying here. As the island is rather small, no matter where you stay you are never too far from the beach, even if you can’t see if from your hotel window. 

Weekly vacation rentals are the most sought-after type of accommodation in Emerald Isle. Whether it’s a condominium or rental house, people love to settle in to a home-away-from-home where they can cook their own meals and relax on their own porches. Many rental agencies handle vacation rentals in the beach communities, and you can rest assured that the ones we list are reputable.

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